A customer brought in these two rings and wanted to make a cross pendant with them. Kat drew up this sketch, melted down the gold from the rings and soldered together multiple heads in order to create this wonderful custom piece.

Custom designed blue diamond ring

This emerald pendant came from a bracelet that was purchased by one of her repeat customers. The bracelet was too big for her. So Kat removed one link and soldered a bail on top to make her a matching necklace.

A customer brought in the 18k yellow gold ring that was previously owned by his family. Kat had to completely rebuild the prongs because they were too worn down to retip. He bought the stone on a trip to Europe. It's a genuine swiss blue topaz.

This ring was created for a customer's siginificant other. He brought us this raw piece of Lapis Lazuli from Ukraine and we sent it to our stone cutter to cut this perfectly round cabochon. The ring was custom ordered and the stone was glued in using epoxy.

Repair, Restoration and Custom Design