A customer told us that she was looking for a jaguar ring, to symbolize female power. We found a picture of a similar piece and carved, cast, and polished up this beauty. Then, Kat set a Mt. St. Helens emerald obsidian.

A customer brought in a genuine turquoise that she liked and wanted to make it into a pendant. We had the stone carefully drilled by our stone cutter and used epoxy to insert pins attached to a chain.

Repair, Restoration, and Custom Design


A customer brought in a ring that she had another jeweler design and didn't turn out the way she wanted it. She had her own diamond and a different idea. After carving a wax model, casting, setting the diamond, etc., this was the finished product.


While browsing our showcases, a customer found a bracelet clasp style that she really liked. She asked if we could duplicate the style. Of course, we said yes! This is the bangle bracelet that Kat made for her to give to her husband for his birthday.

The customer supplied the gold and diamonds from her and her mother's wedding rings to create this beautiful gift for her daughter. We used the cad casting system for this piece. It turned out gorgeous!

This is the sketch Kat drew up for our customer custom design


This ring was an anniversary gift for a customer's wife. We ordered the setting from a vendor without any stones. Kat drilled an extra hole on each side and set all of the diamonds as well as the center stone, which is a pink tourmaline.


This piece is from another customer planning to propose to his girlfriend. This ring was his grandmother's, containing a lot of personal sentiment. It originally contained a marquise shaped diamond, but he wanted to switch it up and put a pear shaped opal in it. Kat had to hollow out the middle and reshape it for the new shape (which we had to have custom cut) and set a new head.



This is the picture our customer brought in to show us what she wanted us to make.

This was the ring we made for her husband to match her own.


The finished product after carving, casting, diamond setting, and the final polish.

Kat created this wax model for a custom design for a ring. The customer brought in existing rings for Kat to remove diamonds from and use the gold for the new setting.

This ring was made for a customer who planned to propose to his girlfriend. The gold came from his grandmother's and mother's wedding rings, giving it a lot of sentimental value. We found the wax setting that he liked from our collection, then cast with said gold. The stone is a morganite. We tried several different sources before finding this precious stone, which is 1 out of 17 in the U.S.

A customer brought in an elk tooth and wanted to make it into a pendant. This was the gold cap that Kat carved a wax of and cast in order to create this beautiful piece.

This is the finished product after the mold was injected and cast. The next step is the set the customer's diamonds and polish it up.

A customer brought this ring in for us to make an imitation for her husband, but in a more masculine form

Yet another custom & sentimental piece. A customer brought in the biggest stone, which is a CZ and was a part of her grandmother's ring, and the two smaller diamonds from a pair of earrings. We ordered the setting from a vendor, but after receiving, there were plenty of modifications to make this a custom, one of kind, ring. Kat had to widen the space in order to get the CZ in and then squeeze it tight for the diamonds to fit and not fall out.